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Italian artist Stefano Zaratin strives to find and understand what makes people uneasy, what would be best not to show. In his works he sometimes chooses a verbal language, always taking care of the relationship between words and the pure graphic sign. In other artworks, he highlights iconographical elements particularly significant to him, which he believes to be a condensation of what he wants to communicate.

In his view, people often experience the desire to please others, to promote only their perceived and socially acceptable traits, while the personal and the vulnerable part is hidden from view, swept under the carpet. For him, it is essential to come to terms with both of these aspects, as children do when they look at a fly they have just crushed, not distinguishing good from bad.

Stefano Zaratin

Stefano Zaratin, 'STUDY
Studio. Lady with dog
Still Life. De-Composition
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